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We can do a diagnostic check on your car batteries health, and have the best prices on replacements.
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Our team has years of experience in a range of car battery requirements. We have a constant supply of car batteries for a whole range of car types. Our range of car batteries are supplied by world leading manufactures like Bosch, Solite, Magic, Yuasa, Exide, Varta, Volt and others.


Car Batteries

The main function of a car battery is to supply electricity to various car circuits.
One of the main circuits is the starting system via the starter motor and the ignition system. It also provides power for all the lights of your car. In older type cars, forgetting your car lights on was a sure way to run down the power in your car battery, fortunately in modern cars an alarm system prevents this from happening.

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If you keep your car long enough, you will probably have to replace the battery at some point.
Top quality car batteries for every type of car are available at Norwood Tyres and Alloys. Wheels.

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