Alloy Wheels


We repair, refurbish and refinish your alloys wheels to as new condition


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Alloy Wheel Alignment and Repairs in West Norwood, Croydon, Brixton and London

Here at Norwood Tyres and Wheels we’re professionals in repairing and refurbishing your alloy wheels. Refurbishing and repairing your alloy wheels is necessary when the wheels have dents or scratches. It is a good option to replacing the alloy wheels altogether as it is much cheaper. Our expert team can repair, refurbish and refinish your alloy wheels to new condition again. Get in touch with our tyres and wheels experts today on 020 8670 9314.


Alloy Wheel Repairs

For alloy wheel repairs we will:

  • Remove the whole wheel from the vehicle and deflate the tyre
  • Remove the tyre using specialist machines
  • Most damage is then repaired using the appropriate techniques
  • To prevent corrosion the alloy is primed and heated with infrared lighting
  • The primer is flattened to create a smooth finish
    Colour match paint is then applied
  • Lacquer is then applied to the wheel and heated until it is dry
  • Finally the tyre is re-inflated and re-fitted to the vehicle